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Day program – school group

Book a full day visit for your class!

We welcome you to the Musée Somme 1916 to help you discover the history of the Battle of the Somme and plunge into the history of the First World War.

Through a discovery day, our guides will introduce you to the museum and the battlefield by accompanying you on your bus, you will travel our countryside to discover monuments, craters or trenches .. Incredible sites that will make you relive the dark hours of the Battle of the Somme.

Example of a school day program:

The remembrance trail

During 2h30 (it’s a classic tour), our team wil bring you on the footstep of the soldiers during the Battle of the Somme by visiting 3 sites :

  • Lochnagar Crater
  • Thiepval memorial of the Missing
  • The Newfoundland Park memorial


We offer you a room to take your lunch – Free for a full day booking or 15€ – 120 pax – 2 air conditionner room

Visit of the museum

We propose 3 services to visit the museum :

  • self guided visit
  • Visit with an educationnal liflet
  • guided visit (25 pax / group)

Free activities

We propose a weaponry demonstration during 30 min : we explain the equipment used during the Battle of the Somme and we dress a student in Tommy uniform! a weelworth moment with the kids ! Free for a full day discovery booking or 25€


Nous complétons cette journée découverte par la diffusion :

  • D’un documentaire (images d’époque) sur la Bataille de la Somme (niveau collège)
  • D’un dessin animé “La guerre n’est pas leur jeu” (niveau primaire)